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ARGH - what Christmas present do I buy for…?

With Christmas just around the corner, lots of us are struggling with the perennial challenge of what present to get elderly parents or grandparents. They’ve lived long enough not to want more ‘stuff’ and have collected every knick-knack they will ever want to possess…so we often resort to the default (and let’s face it, somewhat feeble) socks, smelling salts, booze, chocolates and the like.

Well, this year how about something a bit more…imaginative? The opportunity for them to capture their life story in the form of a beautifully written, lavishly illustrated hardback book. It is also the epitome of ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ - children, grandchildren and future generations will have a valuable record of their family history to treasure for years to come.

And for families on a tight budget, or those with a price cap policy on individual presents, it is the ideal purchase to club together on; after all, it is ultimately a present for all the family!

Introducing autodotbiography

Autodotbiography is a unique, easy-to-use software programme which provides an accessible, affordable way to write your memoirs. Using a professionally-developed book builder template, it guides you through the process via a series of prompts and questions for each suggested chapter, and then compiles your answers into a seamless narrative, accompanied by your chosen photographs and documents.

The format is incredibly flexible, allowing the user to either ignore the prompts and questions and do their own thing; or, conversely, for those feeling daunted by the prospect of writing, autodotbiography offers a ‘virtual personal ghostwriter’ - suggesting wording to use (or edit) in your answers. And you can tweak the content as often as you wish, until you are happy and ready to publish.

Creator of autodotbiography Bryher Scudamore says: “I came up with the idea for when my beloved mother, Peggy, died suddenly of a heart attack.  There were so many questions I wanted to ask about her life, but it was too late. And when I spoke to others I realised how common it was, and I discovered how desperately so many people wanted to know about the lives of their parents and grandparents. And yet at the same time, they often thought they themselves didn’t have much of a story to tell about their own lives…until I started asking them about it!

“At first I thought I would become a ghostwriter and help people tell their stories, but when I discovered how much I would have to charge, I decided I would have to create something more affordable.

“You don’t have to be a great writer to produce a great autobiography – all you have to do is answer simple questions about your life and upload photographs and documents that chart your personal history, and autodotbiography does the rest and produces a beautifully written, lavishly illustrated hardback book which will live on as a family heirloom for generations to come.”

And someone who has done it, retired police inspector Robert G from Norfolk says of his autodotbiography: ”It's gorgeous. This book is beautifully put together, it is a map of my life that can be handed down the generations, so that all the family can look and see what their old grandfather did.” (See his reaction on seeing his book for the first time at: - )



Editor’s Notes

1. autodotbiography is a limited company. has  EU and USA trademarks.

 2. Bryher Scudamore is a former BBC Television Producer who edited the top rating BBC One programme “That’s Life!” watched by audiences of up to 22 million, before moving on to become Editor- in-Chief of BBC Online.  She was also a Trustee for the Eden Project in Cornwall. She is married and lives in London.

For further information (including interview with Bryher and/or case studies, and images) please contact:

Alexia Latham
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