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Life is full of surprises

One of the things I have found fascinating about running autodotbiography is how surprised families often are by the stories they read about their parents and/or grandparents.  They think they have heard all the stories before but when they get their copy of the autodotbiography they find it has memories and adventures they knew nothing, or very little, of.  

It is particularly poignant to read of the loneliness of so many older people at this time of year.  The charity The Silver Line revealed last week that they get more calls at this time of year than at Christmas. It would appear that not only families go away on holiday but so do many familiar faces, the postman, the hairdresser, the regular carer.

From my point of view the saddest thing is, that unless recorded in one form or another, their life stories will be completely lost, to the deep and lasting regret of their families, once they have died. Research for the British Heart Foundation a few years ago revealed that millions of people in the UK regretted not knowing more about their parents and grandparents lives.

Although I have made autodotbiography as easy to use as possible, regardless of how good or bad a writer someone is, but it has still depended on them being able to type. Until now.

Today we have launched a new development on the website.  It is a dictation app which means that people using autodotbiography can talk into the program and it will turn their words into text, making it far easier for those who don’t enjoy typing to create their book.

If you want to see how it works this is a link to a 2 minute demonstration.

Plus, I was delighted to get this message last week. 

"Absolutely thrilled with the arrival of my books today. The quality of them is brilliant. The help and support from Bryher has been wonderful. I am delighted to have my life story down in print for myself, my family and future generations. It took nine months to compile and get into print; like the conception and birth of a baby. It felt like a rebirth, the whole process; and now my new chapter of life awaits. Just hope this opportunity is still available in twenty years time; so I can add to my memoirs. Can’t recommend this experience enough. Thank you” 

If you want to have a free trial of autodotbiography (no credit or debit card required) go to

If you want to try out the system using speech into text, then you will need to use the Chrome browser, it isn’t available in the other browsers yet.





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