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Choosing your chapter introduction

If you have decided you want to start at the top, then this section will help you find you way.

First select a chapter that you would like to start with. You can do this either at the welcome page - as below


close up of chapter page


or use what I have called the  “life line” at the top of the autodotbiography screen.


Lifeline with drop down menu



As you can see, it has all the chapters ranged in a line along the top of the book page. When you start you story the "life line" is green, signifying that you haven't begun any of the chapters and as you go on it shows where you’ve answered questions, (for those who are not colour blind, it goes brown) and where a chapter is complete it goes a golden yellow. In addition, as you answer questions and sections the percentage figures in the "lifeline" alter to show you how much of that chapter you have answered.


The two arrows at either end of the "life line" move the chapter choices to the right or left depending on which arrow you click. And when you select a chapter it offers you the chapter sections in a drop down menu.


Chapter suggested introductions

Once you have selected the chapter, autodotbiography will offer you a default introduction.


Chapter intro no choices showing



but alongside "Suggested chapter intro:"  it says "More choices or add your own." Click on this and it will offer you a number of different introductions. 

It is vital that you make sure that the chapter introduction is right for you - or your book will carry the default introduction and that may be completely inappropriate for your story.



Chapter intro choices showing.


Choose the one that best represents how you feel, alternatively, you can write your own in the empty box provided. 


It you wish to, you can copy what you like from the suggested introductions and paste them into the empty box and modify the words so they perfectly suit how you feel about that subject. If you don't feel confident copying and pasting then just copy type the words into the empty box and then add your own.


Then click on "Save" and that will take you to the section of questions on that part of your life.


The next part is to start answering individual questions.

Click here.

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