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Remember, remember Remembrance Day


Lockdown means the poppy sellers for the British Legion can’t collect for this important charity.  There are fears it will lose  a significant amount from the nearly £3million they usually raise and so, because autodotbiography is all about remembering, it seems to be a good idea to make a donation of £50 for every autodotbiography bought between now and midnight on Sunday.

A few years ago, for the first time, the letters and diaries of the young men who served in the trenches in the First World War were made public and their extraordinary testimony brought a new dimension to that dreadful conflict. Their first-hand accounts revealed better than any newspaper story what they were experiencing. That’s why it is so important today for everyone to write their life story for their family. The first-hand accounts of living through these extraordinary times will be very different from the Downing Street briefings!

Just imagine, in 200 years’ time future generations being able to read what is was like for their ancestors battling with COVID-19.

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