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This is what persuaded Terry to write his life story.

Do you agree with Terry in this video?

We are always fascinated by what motivates people to write their life story. An autodotbiographer, recently told us. "My motivation to write was basically that I’m now 71 and my three grandchildren are all under five.  Whilst I obviously hope for many years with them, in case that doesn’t happen, I wanted them to be able to know a bit more about me than I knew about my grandparents."

And we asked why he selected autodotbiography. "My researches suggested that autodotbiography was the only likely way of doing this which was both practical and affordable.  By which I mean that if I had just started with a blank sheet of paper, it would have remained precisely that.  And I wouldn’t have felt comfortable about spending several thousand pounds to get someone to write it for me.  Your offer of a free month on the system was (at least for me) essential in giving me the necessary confidence to proceed".

You could be among the hundreds who have created beautiful books of their life story for their family. It is easy with autodotbiography, even if you are not a good writer. All you need to do is add the facts and upload photograhs and documents and autodotbiography does the rest. In effect, it is a virtual ghost writer and a virtual book designer. 

Why not have a go?  It is free and we don't ask for any credit or debit card details. Click the link below if you would like a free trial.

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