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Skipping questions

What happens when you skip chapters, sections or individual questions?

Most of us have things about our lives that we would rather forget. With autodotbiography you are in charge. You can include as much, or as little, as you please. You may skip whole chapters, or sections of the book, or even individual questions.  It doesn't matter to autodotbiography.  It will seamlessly join up the narrative and still present you with a beautifully written book.


You may start off with huge gaps in your memory, but as time goes by you may find that you are able to remember more and more. That's no problem, you can go back, remove the tick from the 'skip' box and fill in the answers that you had previously skipped.

Just checking

When you have been through the whole questionnaire and put in your answers and skipped those you wish to ignore, autodotbiography will check that you are sure you wish to leave those questions unanswered and give you the opportunity to go back and put in an answer. But when you confirm you have said all you want to say and click the 'finish' button, then your autodotbiography is ready to go to the printers.

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